Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog, “something higher”


Sometimes in our busy lives, we find ourselves with problems but no answers. We have issues, but no one to turn to. Sometimes we have to look skywards towards ‘something higher’ to keep on going.

The purpose of this blog is to spare a thought for someone today.

There is incredible power in thinking of others and wishing them well – even when we do not know them. There is also something incredibly empowering about the knowledge that others around the world are thinking of us without knowing who we are and being able to pass judgement on what we have done to get into a situation of need.

Each blog has a “spare a thought for someone” ending.

By reading these blogs, together we can provide hope to others by sparing a thought for others around the world today. On the other hand, if it is you that is feeling in need of a friend to turn to, know that by people reading this blog, they are together sparing a thought for you today.

The beauty of this blog is that you can remain completely silent and yet still help others and yourself. No one needs to know who you are or what your outward personality is.

Sometimes it is the silent thoughts that give us the most strength.

I welcome you.


  1. Spare a thought for others – exactly the thought I was hoping to pass on in my post today. Thank you for dropping by, and thanks for expressing what I felt were the missing words.

    • You write so beautifully, and expressed your thoughts so well on your post today. I’m glad we share the same sentiment :) Keep on blogging! You share wonderful insights! Looking forward to more. Wendy

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