Thoughts to make you happy

The little things make you happy 

We all have long term goals and aspirations. And when we achieve them, the success is a wonderful feeling.

But sometimes,  circumstances change, and those goals end up unfulfilled. And its disappointing.  Some of us feel upset, and down cast. Some of us feel that our efforts have been wasted.

How important it is, therefore to cherish the little things in life that make us happy. For they are happening now. Don’t feel so set on your long term goal and let these little happy moments pass by unnoticed.

For example: 

A family photo can make you smile.

A funny memory can make you laugh.

A rolling hill can make you feel peaceful.

The smell of a rose can make you sigh.

A sound of a mustang can make you grin (for you motoring enthusiasts out there).

These are little things, but they mean a lot.

Don’t always look too far into the future – sometimes take a moment to look back to now.

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