Spare a thought for…

There are so many out there who need a spare thought 

Each day we have so many thoughts.

  • we think about what we will eat for breakfast;
  • what we have coming up at work or at school;
  • how we are going to get around that day;
  • whether we are going to meet our deadlines.

But if we get so confined thinking about ourselves, who spares a thought for those out there who are lonely, sick, feeling down or in need of a friend? For those animals who are suffering cruelty through no fault of their own? For the environment that it might continue to sustain us?

Camelia tree

Take a moment to spare a thought

How beautiful the world will be if we all took just one spare moment to think of others.

How empowering it would be for those doing it tough to know that others out there in the world were sparing a thought for them.

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