Posted by: Wendy | July 30, 2012

Living a dream reality

I have lived a life where I have felt constantly on the move. Weeks have flown by and before I know it years have passed. And among the midst of all of this, sometimes I have felt lost and out of control. I have felt that I have been swept up in the raging river and have not been able to pull myself out. Dreams have been lost and realities have been overpowering. It is times like these that a new perspective is necessary.

Sometimes when I feel really overwhelmed, I look skyward and remind myself that there is calm out there. The blue of the sky is so calm and constant. Sure, there are some rain clouds sometimes, and occasionally even storms. But these events are momentary and when their moments have passed, the sky is still out there. Still blue and constant.

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we as individuals are constant. We have our moments of rush and stress, but we have the power to regain control. Our lives are only what we want them to be. Circumstances can be defeating, but we have the power to change circumstances, or at least make the best of them.

Let me share with you one of my greatest dreams. I’ve had a lot of wishful thinking over my life, but one of my greatest dreams in life has been to buy some land with green grass and build a sanctuary. A sanctuary:

  • where people can escape and breathe a sigh of relief
  • where suffering souls can cry and not be judged or tormented
  • where happy people can laugh and embrace their families
  • where birds can fly overhead, and butterflies can nestle on the colourful gardens.

I want to build a paradise reality for people to escape to.

I know this sounds idealistic, but I guess dreams can be dreams but they can also be realities. Sometimes we just need to make the conscious choice to regain control of our lives and take the right path to realise our dreams.

Thank you for reading my post

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