Posted by: Wendy | July 26, 2012

There is no answer – live the moment

One of the questions that I have grappled with most over my life is what I should do to live a meaningful and fulfilling life?

  • What are the ‘keys’ to living a life with more success than failure?
  • What are the right and wrong things to do?
  • What are the steps that I should take to live a meaningful life?

This question is so perplexing. Over my life I have solved many complex problems, but not this one.

Searching for answers

But what I failed to realise is that the answer to this complex question is just so simple.

That the answer is this:

there is no answer. 

We are all in this world together, trying to make the best of who we are. None of us holds the golden set of keys to living the ‘perfect life’, there is no secret to the living the perfect life.

There is no secret to life

Life is what you make of it, so hold your head up high and explore and find the life you want.

Embrace second chances.

Embrace moments of happiness.

Embrace fellow people and creatures on this earth who we share our existences with.

Thank you for reading my post

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