Posted by: Wendy | June 1, 2012

Music and the soul

It has been really hard for me to blog the last few days, because I’ve felt really all over the place. I’ve felt highs and lows, happiness and sadness and sometimes there was no one emotion that could be put down on paper. So I simply didn’t blog. So today’s just a short post.

So what do you do when you get into these situations? What do you do when you feel you have no one to talk to? No opportunity to release your feelings?

This week I went outside for a walk to try to breathe in the fresh air, but it started pouring with rain so that didn’t go down so well.

So I turned to music and listened to the orchestral instruments. The instruments played beautiful melodies and wove stories that I could listen to and imagine. It made me realise that music has such power to touch the soul and heal like no other psychologist can do. It speaks unspoken meanings and feelings. It sides with you when everyone else does not. It feels your emotions and invites you to imagine possibilities of a better place.

When I reached my wits end I let music in, and it guided my soul to find a new pocket of peace.

Sometimes you just need that helping hand.

Thank you for reading my post


  1. it happens, and you feel like everything is set to throw you into an emotional battle. regardless, hope you’re feeling better

    • Thanks, always really appreciate your support.

      • No problem, as long as you don’t feel that I’m intruding into a quiet moment. Please remember you’re not alone! I just got over my “roller-coaster” moods so I’m slowly back to blogging. :) It’ll pass!

      • No you’re never intruding at all , thanks :)

  2. I agree. Music reaches our souls. There was a study recently showing that aging people who had not connected both mentally or verbally for several months responded to music, and more specifically music of their childhood. The researchers recommended keeping a list of music that inspires and motivates you and let those who love you know where to find that list – someday all of us may need help. I am listening to “Someone like you” by ADELE21.

    • I love that song too :) The research is really interesting, thanks very much for sharing. It’s amazing how music has such power to connect to our inner selves!

  3. I find music to be a wonderful healer; I have thousands of songs and so many have seen me through rough times. They don’t solve it, but they help a lot.

    • Thanks so much for your comment – sometimes a bit of help goes a long way :)

  4. Beautiful post .wishing you success
    Thank you for liking my (about) Jalal Michae

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