Posted by: Wendy | May 24, 2012

Sunsets and Sunrises

One of my fascinations in life has been sunsets and sunrises. I think that sunsets and a sunrises can teach you so much.

Sunrises are not only bright and beautiful but they are a sign that:

  • there are new beginnings;
  • there is always light after the darkness of the night;
  • the light provides new opportunities to live a new day.

Sunrise over Melbourne – a new beginning

A symbol of light after darkness

Sunsets to me, are nature’s way of giving us:

  • a sense of closure;
  • a relief that the busy day has come to an end;
  • a time for rest;
  • a knowledge that there is always an end.

A time for rest

Knowledge that there is an end

I think most of all, sunsets and sunrises make me understand that nothing is permanent.

  • When you are suffering, there will be relief at the end;
  • When you are stressed, there will be a eventually a time of ease;
  • When you are in darkness, there will be light at the end of the tunnel;
  • When you learn something, there will be an opportunity with the rising of the sun, to learn more;
  • When you love someone, you have the opportunity to express it again with each new sunrise.

Life is a cycle

See sunrises and sunsets as a cycle of beginnings and ends.

Know that the sunset marks the end to a bad day, and that the sunrise marks the opportunity to seek new beginnings.

Thank you for reading my post


  1. I am also fascinated with sunsets!! I must dig out my collection of photographs. Great pics by the way!!

    • Thank you very much :) I loved your cherry trees on your blog too :)

      • Thanks, there is so much beauty in nature.We just have to take out the time to appreciate it :)

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