Posted by: Wendy | May 16, 2012


When the autumn finally arrives  in Melbourne, the leaves on the trees turn orange and gradually drop from their branches. I have always felt a bit bad for the trees during winter, given that they are bare, cold, and weak until the Spring when the warmth regenerates their lives.

But as I was walking home, I came across this tree (which is my photo for today):

It looked so powerful and black upon the backdrop of the evening sky.

It seemed so firmly rooted and ready to take on the challenges of the winter.

It made me think how important it is that we remain true to ourselves. Being well grounded and firmly rooted in our positive beliefs about ourselves is so empowering. Being firmly rooted and believing in ourselves is the fundamental step that we must establish before we can take on any other challenges that the world throws up at us.

Photo tips

This is my first photo that I have posted up for my “photo corner” page. I am happy to get any tips on how to improve my photography skills as I am a complete blank canvas at the moment!

Thank you for reading my post

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