Posted by: Wendy | May 15, 2012

A second chance to say thank you to my dad

Yesterday, our family had a bit of a scare. Dad collapsed on the floor in the kitchen and slipped in and out of consciousness. He went all pale and unresponsive. I called an ambulance and said a quick prayer that they would come quickly. And quickly they came. After a while with the help of the ambulance, dad turned out okay and we put him to bed to rest.

The reassurance that everything is okay

A million thoughts 

During this incident a million things were running through my head.

I kept on thinking what a nice, genuine, and gentle soul dad was, and how it would be such a terrible loss to lose him.

I thought of all his patients that dad has nursed back to health over his 40 years as a doctor, and who had told me countless times what an angel dad was in keeping some of them alive.

I thought about all the funny things dad had said over the dinner table, and his “classic moments”.

But most of all I remembered all the beautiful memories we had together, and how I hadn’t thanked him for these things that had shaped my life.

Memories of a childhood with nature that dad introduced me to

Reality hurts

I realised over the last few years I was grouchy towards him, and I got easily annoyed at his side habits (like how he kept the hose running while he admired his self-built garden).

I remember loving his silly jokes when I was small but getting irritated at them twenty years later when dad repeated them for the up-teenth time.

Don’t wait to say thank you 

I know people say it time and time again: “don’t leave it too late to say I love you, or I’m sorry, or thank you”.

But people say it all the time, because its true. We must not take for-granted our families and friends just because we see them every day. When it comes time to take them from this earth, sometimes they are taken so quickly that we are not given any chance or warning to say our final words.

Life is beautiful but can be taken away without a word being spoken

Spare a thought 

I’d like to spare a thought for those today who have lost their parent(s), family members or friends. It can be so hard to lose someone close to you, and even worse if you didn’t get to say thank you, sorry or goodbye.

I think of those of you who are still grieving, and I join those of you who are celebrating the wonderful contribution that your loved ones made to this world.

I hope that you have many wonderful memories with them, and can still feel their guiding presence in your life.

Thank you for reading my post


  1. Lovely post x

    • Thank you very much :)

  2. thank you for this. agree – do not take those you love for granted. I learnt, a little late.

    • Thank you for your comment, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully you have many happy memories to enjoy though. Always remember the good times :)

      • Thanks Wendy. You write good stuff, please keep sharing these. Always good to know that somewhere out there there are people whose hearts are in the right place :)

      • Thank you :)

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