Posted by: Wendy | May 2, 2012

The concept of value

Last night I listened to a presentation on the radio. It fascinated me because I totally disagreed with the first half of the presentation and then I totally agreed with the second half. It evoked polar opposite emotions from me throughout the presentation and that is not something I usually experience.

WARNING It is not typical of me to ramble on about ethics and philosophy so to all my followers this a random occasion! I think this post is for those who don’t mind a bit of an ethics/philosophy read from a lay person’s perspective,  and anyone else who is interested in hearing my ramblings about the presentation I heard :)


1. Disagree

Let’s start with the aspect of the presentation that I totally disagreed with first, so we can move onto the happier  bit! The presenter was saying that as humans we must not kill other humans because we are valuable. However we can kill animals freely because they are not as valuable. That’s why we can, and do kill them easily and without consequence.

Hens in the 'garden of eden' - at our B & B - Olinda :)

This has been a really difficult proposition for me to accept. I’ve seen the broad emotions that animals display, and the emotions of love and care they show for their young. I’ve seen dogs greet their owners after they come back from war, and how ecstatic they react because they missed their owners. I’ve seen animals cry in captivity, and calves begging for their mothers when their mothers are finally taken away.

I can’t accept that animals are worthless, and have no value. I can’t accept that because they’re worthless we can kill them. I accept the reality of a food chain, but I don’t accept the cruelty inflicted upon animals justified on the basis that they are worthless. Animals are sentient beings and live and love like any other living creature on this earth – like humans. My humanity will not allow me to believe otherwise.

I just stick by my belief that a life is a life is a life and that life is such a special gift that we should always cherish.

My dog Snoopy is special to me



So now onto the bit that I agree.

The presenter talked about how we, as humans are so valuable. We have been put on this earth because we are so valuable as people. We are not cheap rip offs of each other (human clones), but we are valuable ‘originals’ in our own right, and this is something I totally agree with.

I find that in our daily lives we doubt ourselves so much, we devalue our work, and sometimes we get put down by others. Sometimes we feel like we are just another ant in the army, another cog in the wheel, just an individual office worker within a firm of 700+ office workers. This can be a really daunting experience – the feeling of no self worth and no sense of individual expression.

Self doubt can be a darkening experience

But for those who feel no self worth or low confidence, I ask you this: Why are you worth less than others?

There is no one ‘model person’ standard that we all compare ourselves to, to determine whether we are worth more or less than others. Our world is made up of billions of individuals that are all different, even if they look similar or act in a similar way. Even though we can be similar we are not the same. And if we are all not the same, we are valuable for our uniqueness.

I would like to express to you:

  • You are are worth just as much as everyone else.
  • You are just as beautiful as everyone else.
  • You have just as much capacity to think, feel and understand others as everyone else.
  • You are worth so much, and you are valuable.

You are the flower on the stalk

Spare a thought

I want all of those out there today who are feeling low self worth to understand how valuable you are. You might feel like you are not worth anything, but on this occasion, think again.

  • Every move you make has an impact on something else which in turn has an impact on something else. For example, when I heard this presentation, I shared it with you, and you in turn read it. You have impact in this world and are valuable.
  • People who have had low self worth have had made such valuable contributions to the world. On youtube the other day, I came across Korea’s got talent. A homeless boy who had been sold, left on the streets, and left to fend for himself since he was born came on stage and just sang from his soul. He didn’t even think he was worth anything. But what a beautiful voice he had. He was born with such a gift – he was just so valuable he didn’t know it. You have important gifts even if you don’t think you do.

I spare a thought for you today that you will recognise how valuable you are to yourself and to others. You are special just like everyone else, so there should be nothing to make you feel otherwise. If someone has put you down, put the incident aside, because even if they don’t value you, others do, and so should yourself.

I spare a thought for you today. My random splurge of ethics has come to an end :)

Thank you for reading my post

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