Posted by: Wendy | April 30, 2012

Loneliness brought me to (blogging) life

I’ve read a lot of blogs recently about people who are experiencing isolation and loneliness. It seems to be quite a common experience that many of us go through at some point of our lives.

I have to admit that one of the main reasons why I started up a blog was simply because I was lonely too. I felt the same as many of you who are feeling isolated are feeling right now. I actually remember the very day I set up my blog. It was Good Friday in Australia, and it was raining and thunder storming. The sky was black all day, and I was sitting there on my bed feeling lonely and terrible.

I felt really alone.

I remember thinking – I wish there was something higher out there to guide my life.

So in the depths of all my loneliness, I set up a blog, and called my blog “something higher”.

The search for something higher

I’ve learnt a lot from being lonely 

At the time, I felt as thought I simply needed a special place and time to express my inner thoughts and to find company in reading all of your blogs too.

But loneliness caused me to learn more than just that:

Loneliness caused me to set up a blog and to seep out my deepest memories one by one

I’ve been just so overwhelmed at how many life experiences I’ve kept bottled inside of me that I never even realised I had. Every time I think about what to post about each day, I close my eyes and let a memory, or a deep emotion just bubble to the surface and then I write about it.

Hidden memories

Loneliness caused me to take an interest in self discovering 

I’ve found out more about myself. And I know it sounds corny, but I really thought I’d just be blogging about my pets the whole time because I was a boring person. But then I found out there was so much more depth to my personality than I thought I had. I found out that I cared about things much more that I acknowledged.

Discovering my love for nature

Loneliness caused me to seek out community  

And most of all, I’ve found so much comfort from blogging. I have found a community of fellow bloggers who write such amazing things and take such beautiful photographs (I love looking at the photograph blogs, they are just so wonderful). I’ve been so humbled to know that others have enjoyed my writing, and that other bloggers are sharing similar feelings to me, and that I am not alone. 

The path to self discovery

And all of this arose out of my loneliness. 

So loneliness can be such a special emotion.

It can be that turning point to recognise that it’s time to find a community, whether it is a close friendship community or a public blogging community. Think not about how you feel now, but what this feeling is telling you.

Spare a thought

I’d like to spare a thought for those who feel isolated and lonely today. Isolation can be such a horrible feeling and it’s so important to be able to find your feet again. I hope that you find comfort in others and that you seek out company.

I’ve found that the another powerful way to pull yourself out from loneliness is to express your soul. Expressing your deepest inner thoughts through art, writing, blogging or singing (etc) allows you to discover new things about yourself and allows you to build communities with others.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish you all the comfort that a blogger can possibly give, and hope that you find company in times to come.

Thank you for reading my post


  1. Thank you dear, I am often moved by your posts. There you go, keep writing. Cheers.

    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you like the posts :) I certainly enjoy writing them. I’m not sure what time it is where you are, but have a wonderful day/night! Wendy

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