Posted by: Wendy | April 29, 2012

From me to you: have a great day

I’d just like to make a quick post today, to say, “have a great day”.

I think the power of greeting others is always so lovely and it brings back the beauty of human interaction.

From one butterfly to the other: "hello"!

Human interaction is so easily lost in today’s age with the rise of online services.

One of the most frustrating things about computerised services is the robot on the other end of the line trying to direct your call. I once called up a company to pay my phone bill only to be greeted by a computerised robot. I paid my phone bill with much difficulty trying to get the robot to properly recognise my words.

The robot then said at lightening speed: “Hello Wendy yourreceiptnumberis 18274756506”! I sat there a bit stunned for a second, trying to digest what it said, before it started again:

“if youwouldlikeme torepeat say “repeat”. Silence… By the time I worked out what it had said, it said “thankyouforcalling – seeyounexttime” and hung up.

Sometimes its just nice to interact with others human beings.

It's nice to be with those of your kind!

So hello to all of you out there, whether you’re in Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, India, Middle East, Asia…

And have a great day!

On a final note, please spare a thought for those alone today. To all of you I extend my warmest greetings, and hope that you have a wonderful day.

Thank you for reading my post

P.S. I know its a bit ironic that I’m sending this message out online – but rest assured the message is from my heart and not from a computerised robot!

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