Posted by: Wendy | April 27, 2012

A thought for those who are unwell today

I read a person’s blog the other day about her mother who had taken a turn for the worse. It touched me deeply, because it brought back memories from when I volunteered at homeless shelters and aged care homes, and the residents took a turn for the worst. But most of all, it brought back touching memories of my Pa Rage.

Pa Rage

Pa Rage was my neighbour when I was a child. He wasn’t my real grandpa, but he was old enough to be my grandfather so I called him Pa Rage. He was such a lovely person – a true Aussie with a great loving spirit. He loved Australian Rules Football. In particular he barracked  for the North Melbourne Football Club, and was their lifetime supporter. He brought my sister and I to every game, and the grin on his face when they won was enough to make you want to hug him!

Credit: North Melbourne Football Club; wikipedia

But one day he got diagnosed with cancer, and his health deteriorated very quickly. But he was a survivor. He kept on surviving day by day,  because the grand final for the Australian Rules Football was coming up and North Melbourne was having a particularly good year.

He told me he was going to stay alive until North Melbourne won the grand final with a big grin on his face. And sure enough, North Melbourne kept on winning and Pa Rage kept on holding on day by day. My mum bought a memorabilia North Melbourne Premiership cup before the grand final to keep Pa Rage hopeful, and planned to give it to him the day of the grand final.

But the day before the grand final, Pa Rage passed away.

North Melbourne won the premiership the next day, and we put the premiership cup on Pa Rage’s bedside table.

For those who are unwell

It was so sad when Pa Rage died, but it is a fact of life that sometimes people we love get sick. Whether its a simple cold, a flu, a broken limb, the onset of dementia, or cancer – all sicknesses are unpleasant. Sometimes there are cures for sickness, and sometimes there are no cures.

I would just like to spare a thought today, for all those who are unwell. Whether you have a curable sickness, or an incurable one – I think of you, that you may get better.

I also invite you to please join me in sparing a thought for those who have incurable sicknesses. I hope that our collective thoughts for you will give you strength to keep on living and contributing your beautiful soul to the rest of the world.

Thank you for reading my post


  1. beautiful.

    • Thanks Laurie, I’m glad you liked it.
      Have a great day,

  2. All the time, not just today, spare a thought for those who had the courage and strength to stand up against terminal illneses. It is in them that you see strength that we may never have. Hence what I wrote in my recent post too. We should, naturally, think and care for those around us, daily.

    • Thank you for your comment. We should always think of others in the way that you have so beautifully expressed. For all who would like to check out Rustic Recluse’ post:

      Have a great day :)

      • Thanks for the mention Wendy. I’m glad I found your blog, really. At least I know there’s someone out there who cares. <3

      • You’re very welcome, yours is great too :)

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