Posted by: Wendy | April 9, 2012

Sometimes old is good

I’d like to make just a brief post today. A post about caring for the aged. I’ve always blogged about the things that have come from the most private, inner depths of my heart, and today’s post is no different.

My nana and nanu

When I was young, I lived a lot of my life with my nana and nanu. They weren’t my real grandparents, but they were the same age and lived down the street. So I adopted them as my nana and nanu.

They loved me like their own. We watched daytime TV together like the bold and the beautiful, and we played with my toys every day. One day when we were playing in the park, nana found an abandoned baby bird under a tree. She ran home to get a little box, and we looked after it together. Nana and nanu really influenced who I am today. How grateful I feel to be the person I am.

20 years later, nana had a stroke, and nearly died. She couldn’t walk, move, or eat. She was in hospital for months. I was devastated. But she eventually got a bit better and moved into a nursing home.

I've always thought of old persons' homes as antique shops

The nursing home

Now in a nursing home, nana sits alone with nanu. They’re confined within their room – the four walls that is now their forever home. They watch TV together and chat sometimes. But when nana thinks about the world out there and how much she loved it, she cries and nanu gets upset.

How beautiful life is

My Easter visit to the nursing home

Yesterday, mum and I went to see nana and nanu to celebrate Easter (in Australia). Their faces lit up when they saw us. They were so happy that we had thought of them and come to see them.

But as I was walking into the nursing home, I saw others who were lonely. An old lady was sitting by the window crying softly, because her family had not turned up.

An old man was in his wheelchair fiddling with his hands because he was too embarrassed that he was alone at Easter.

Sometimes it's tough being lonely

Life is a cycle

Sometimes its good to remember that life is a cycle. Mum always says that children are born to renew their parents’ lives. My boyfriend’s father always says – people pass on to give others a turn.

My nana and nanu looked after me throughout my life, and now in their old age, it is my turn to look after them.

And finally spare a thought 

As I walked through the nursing home, I saw those who were lonely and who had no one to care for them. I saw an old lady cry that she was alone; and an old man fiddle with his fingers out of embarrassment that his family didn’t come to see him.

Sometimes we must remember that life is a cycle.

Sometimes it is for others to care for us.

But sometimes it is for us to return that care.

Please spare a thought for those who are alone today in aged care homes around the world. I hope that you find care and love from others, like you have cared for them in your lifetime. I hope that you find comfort, companionship, and love for the rest of your days.


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