Posted by: Wendy | April 7, 2012

When your cat sleeps on your foot and you have pins and needles

Meet Sammy the cat 

This is my cat, and she’s called Sammy.


One of the problems that I constantly face from being a pet owner is what to do when my cat sleeps on my foot and I have pins and needles. How do I cope with discomfort? Do I retract my foot quickly and wake her up, or leave it there and continue to feel the uncomfortable sensation?

My cat doesn't want to move

As sad as it is, I’ve come to realise that it depends on the situation.

Sometimes, I’ve found that the situations falls into three categories:

  • move your leg and the cat will jump off; [then circulate your leg to get rid of the pins and needles]
  • move your leg and the cat will grip on and scratch you; [have to deal with the pins and needles]
  • inch your leg away and the cat will eventually give up.

The realistic thing is that situations are always comprised of more than just you. In this case, whether I could move my leg or not depended on both the reactions of Sammy and me and what I felt was best to do.

And that is with all interactions in life.

I know this is a bit of a silly example, but the cat situation is only a small example of a bigger picture.

All situations in life are made up of a series of interactions.

Whether we meet up with friends depends on whether our friends are free. What we cook for dinner at night sometimes depends on what we, and our families feel like. Whether we get praised for our work depends on whether our supervisor considered it good.

Ernie wondering why the hampster won't play with her

Take into consideration a broader picture when you succeed at something or fail.

Sometimes you don’t fail because it was you who did it – but because the broader circumstances were not favourable.

The other day my friend went for a job interview. She had a great interview but she didn’t hear back for a while. After she called up the company she found out that she wasn’t successful, but that it was because her expertise was geared in one direction, and they were looking for a specific area of expertise in another direction. The company said she was a great person, and that they would consider her in the future if an appropriate position came up. In this case, she was not successful but that was not because it was her personally who interviewed (she was great), but because of that particular pocket of expertise that she did not yet have.

The pain of failure is never because of you alone. Behind every situation is a series of interactions.

Many elements interact to make a beach - the sun, water, sand, trees

And spare a thought for

There are, no doubt, people out there who feel like a failure and feel as though the world is on their shoulders. There’s nothing worse than thinking that everything is completely your fault. Because it’s not. Whilst we must take responsibility for the part that was our fault, there is no utility on taking on the burden of everything else beyond our control.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I look skyward and remember that the world is a bigger place than just me. Sometimes when I have pins and needles in my foot, I look down and remember its because my cat won’t get off my foot.

I’d like to take a moment to think about these people around the world who feel the world is on their shoulders.

Everything is a series of interactions – take responsibility for what is your fault – but let go of everything else that is beyond your control. It will sort itself out on its own.

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