Posted by: Wendy | April 6, 2012

Try something new

Sometimes we become creatures of habit and stick to what we know. And sometimes that can lead us to lead monotonous lives. What can we gain from living predictable lives? How can we feel satisfied when we know what lies ahead today, tomorrow and the day after?

A bit of predictability is always good

Being able to predict our lives in one way is always good. Stability makes us comfortable and certain. And certainty can put our minds at ease. Sometimes when I feel at ease I look skyward and thank something higher that I feel the way that I do. Feeling at ease is such a blessing, when there are so many others out there who do not feel this way.

Feeling at ease is a blessing

Life is diverse  

But predictability is also something that we can control. We can choose to live more predictable lives by planning things. We always have the choice to to account for every moment of the day in a diary or a schedule.

However too much predictability can cause us to miss out on the ebbs and flows of life. 

Take a moment in each day to recognise the diversity of life:

  • we meet different people each day;
  • the weather changes each day; (for Melbourne it is 4 seasons in 1 day)
  • the traffic conditions change;
  • new people and animals are born each day;
  • the emotions we feel fluctuate from time to time.

None of these things are things we can plan. How diverse life is; and how different things can turn out from what we have planned.

Take a moment to see each day as something new and different from the last.

A brand new day - Port Douglas

Try something new 

The opportunity is right before us. How amazing it is that we have the opportunity to live interesting lives. Our world changes every second; and there are new diverse experiences to be had.

I’m not suggesting that we all now go sky-diving or white water rafting (however you can do that if you like)! But it is the little things that can liberate you, and make your life interesting.

For example, sometimes a simple smile to others when you walk past them can surprise you. I once walked by an old lady’s house on the way home, and glanced through the open window. The old lady knitting by the window looked over at me and smiled and waved. Her happy grin made me happy. Its funny how one’s happiness depends so much on one’s interactions with others.

Explore somewhere new on the weekend. Take a drive, or try a new cafe. There’s so much of the world to be seen, it is just waiting on your initiative to search for it.

Try something new - go karting?

And finally spare a thought

One thing I have been conscious of when writing these blogs is that readers of this blog are not always in the circumstances of freedom. Not everyone has the capacity to explore and try something new, or celebrate the diversity of life.

Some people do not have the means and the opportunities to do so. Others are constrained by physical or mental impairments. Some just simply don’t have the will to get out of bed each morning.

Please spare a thought for these people.

For us who have the ability to try something new, what a blessing it is to be able to experience the diversity of life.

Let us share our experiences with those who are unable to have those experiences for themselves.

For not only is the world out there something for us to experience, but it is also up to us who have experienced it to tell those who are less fortunate, so that they might be able to imagine it.

Explore the world

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